• Finish


  • Size

    1600 x 3200 mm

  • Thicknesses

    20 / 30 mm


Before After

Visual depth never seen before. Veining and
crystals penetrate the surface with natural fidelity,
allowing the eyes to enter the surface.
Your senses will get beguiled, enjoying every single detail.

Ultra-high definition like no other,
fused with astonishing intensity of colors,
providing an impressive and realistic visual strength.

Veining on the surface runs through the whole body of the material,
crossing beyond its own limits, making the veins
visible no matter the cut.

Permanent colors, everlasting, in spite
of the passage of time and use. Mimitech will retain
its original properties, white background
and dramatic colors forever. 

Light invades each piece to bring colors to life,
creating a symphony of different shades, details,
reflectivity which will change depending on the light received.

Absolute realism in every detail. Each pattern appears as a true product of nature,
simply extracted from the bedrock.